Our company provides design, production, assembly, and service of various types of chairs, for example, for machinists, drivers, captains, operators, and others. We are a rapidly developing company in the seating system field. Our seats and chairs have a wide range of applications among customers. We create high-quality seating that is safe and conforms to European standards.


We offer a wide selection of fabrics, leathers, and eco-leathers. We provide competitive prices and timely execution.


We invite companies and entities interested in commissioning the production of seating systems to collaborate with us. We handle their manufacturing in a comprehensive manner – we design, produce, and distribute, among others, seats for buses, trains, office, and relaxation chairs that meet our customers’ needs. We have an advanced and modern machinery park that guarantees the precision of the offered products. The high quality is also ensured by our skilled team of employees with years of experience in their professions. If needed, we also offer assembly, service, or repair of the purchased system. The chairs available in our assortment have a very wide application – they are used in:

  • Buses,
  • Trains,
  • Ships and floating units,
  • Trucks,
  • Agricultural and construction machinery,
  • Forklifts and cranes,
  • Offices.

Moreover, we sell spare parts for the office chairs we produce.

We operate flexibly and adapt to the individual requirements of our clients, which is why we offer the possibility of placing custom orders for non-standard models not listed above, such as cinema or tram seats.

We are at your disposal regardless of the specifics of the order – we manufacture products in any quantity and in the specified configuration, for example, swivel, with a reclining backrest, relaxation, or ergonomic.

We are aware that sitting in one position for a long time should be as comfortable as possible, which is why we create bus, train, office, and other chairs with the ergonomics of use in mind.

We utilize modern and efficient technologies and mechanisms that allow for comfortable seating even during long hours of work.

Each offered product is adapted to its specific purpose and tailored to the requirements of the vehicle or place in which it will be used.

Our stores:

Isri 24

Do you work with heavy equipment such as trucks, excavators, buses, construction machinery, or forklifts? If so, then you know how important it is to ensure comfort and safety for the drivers and operators of these types of vehicles. Seats and chairs play a key role in ensuring work efficiency and comfort during long hours spent behind the wheel or at the operator’s station.

Grammer 24

Are you looking for high-quality seats for your vehicle? Do you need a comfortable seating solution that will provide you with comfort and ergonomic support during your journey? The online store Grammer24 is the perfect place for you! We offer a wide selection of seats from Grammer, a global leader in the production of high-quality seating for various industries. Check out one of our stores!


We offer high-quality upholstery work in all aspects of your vehicle. Our main specialization is the renovation of classic car interiors, as well as repairs and new interior upholstery. We are also happy to create custom products for you, using high-quality materials and fabrics.