Utility machinery market

Agricultural machinery

Our company’s seats are very popular and willingly installed in various vehicles, also in agricultural machines. They are made of durable and high-quality materials that are easy to keep clean. The seats have an ergonomic design and are equipped with air suspension and shock absorbers. Each is equipped with an adjustable headrest, armrest, has the functions of free rotation around its axis and many others. The seats for agricultural machinery we sell meet all European standards. They are comfortable and very safe to use. Our products are becoming more and more popular among customers. These products have won the trust of consumers not only on the domestic market. We invite you to place orders.

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Construction machinery

Our company MK SEATS provides the interested parties with modern seats for construction machinery. The armchairs have the highest quality standard in force in the European Union. Our armchairs guarantee comfort and a sense of security during their use. Each seat is equipped with basic equipment, and at the customer’s request, we can supplement the seat with additional equipment that will facilitate vehicle operation and increase comfort and safety at work. The seats are equipped with a swivel mechanism, adjustable seat and backrest. We approach each client individually, thanks to which we meet all his needs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Another offer is addressed to drivers of construction equipment, and more precisely, cranes. We offer specialized crane seats. The seats are equipped with various security mechanisms. They have ventilated and heated seats that adapt to the shape and weight of the driver. They have shock absorption, which significantly affects the comfort of many hours of work behind the wheel, and adjustable headrests. The seats meet European requirements. MK SEATS seating systems offers high-quality, safe and comfortable goods. We also invite construction companies to cooperate.

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Our offer includes various types of forklift seats that improve comfort during work. Our seats meet all European standards. They are made of the highest quality fabrics that will work in all weather conditions, regardless of the season. Buttons are mounted in the left armrest to make it easier for the operator to operate the forklift. We provide delivery of the ordered armchairs to the address indicated and their assembly. We invite you to cooperation.

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