Rail vehicles

We are one of the leading companies on the market for the equipment of rail vehicles with comfortable seats. We offer various models of the driver’s seat that are ergonomic, robust and made of lightweight materials. Each seat is equipped with adjustable headrests, backrests, armrests and automatic adjustment adapted to the body weight. The armchairs are covered with an actively breathing material that is resistant to overheating and fire. A properly adjusted seat is favorable for the driver’s work and guarantees a comfortable working position throughout the day. The seats for drivers are comfortable, not restricting the movements of the train driver. Thanks to our armchairs, you can ensure the comfort of your employees.

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Maritime market

In our offer you will find a wide selection of seats for ship equipment. The maritime market is highly developed. We produce seats for vessels such as: ferries, passenger ships, fishing ships, transport ships, commercial ships and many others. Our seats are properly adapted to the floating objects. They are distinguished by elegance and modernity. We manufacture armchairs from light and durable materials, easy to clean, paying attention to stability and safety. In addition to the seat for the captain of the ship, there are also comfortable passenger seats of various structures, resistant to weather conditions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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Our next offer is dedicated to truck drivers. We offer specialized car seats that can be used, among others, in brands such as Mercedes, Volvo, Iveco and many others. The seats are equipped with various security mechanisms. They have heated and ventilated seats that adapt to the weight and shape of the driver’s body. The seats have an adjustable headrest. They have shock absorption, which significantly affects the comfort of many hours of work behind the wheel. Each seat meets European requirements. MK SEATS seating systems offers high-quality, safe and comfortable goods. That is why we also invite transport companies to cooperate.

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Utility machinery market

Our company’s seats are very popular and willingly installed in various vehicles, also in agricultural machines. They are made of durable and high-quality materials that are easy to keep clean. The seats have an ergonomic design and are equipped with air suspension and shock absorbers. Each is equipped with an adjustable headrest, armrest, has the functions of free rotation around its axis and many others. The seats for agricultural machinery we sell meet all European standards. They are comfortable and very safe to use. Our products are becoming more and more popular among customers. These products have won the trust of consumers not only on the domestic market. We invite you to place orders.

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Passenger seats

We carry high quality seats for passengers for local and long-distance public transport. The size and texture of the seat depends largely on the type of transportation. Our passenger seats can be found in many types of vehicles with two or more seats, such as cars, trucks, buses, tractors, trains, ships, ferries, boats, etc. In many vehicles, the passenger seat can be adjusted in both backrest angle and height, i.e. up and down. Upscale transport vehicles with high comfort also have heated seats or armrests. Passenger seats can be made of different materials.

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Office armchairs

We offer office equipment with comfortable office armchairs. We make various models of office chairs that are ergonomic, swivel and made of light materials. Each seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest, armrests and automatic adjustment, adapted to the body weight. A properly adjusted armchair is conducive to work. Office armchairs should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Thanks to our armchairs, you can provide comfort for your employees. We invite you to contact us and place orders.

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